Published On: 11. September 2020

1 team, 90 days, 350 passengers per day in the first week – the figures for the new ridepooling service “LOOPmünster” are already impressive. We asked the door2door team to talk about their work on LOOP and reminisced about the exciting early days from the not-too-distant past.

Max Webers is a project lead at door2door and has already been involved in many exciting new projects. His tasks included the technical project management for the development and commissioning of the new service. He has very positive memories of working together with Stadtwerke Münster:

"LOOPmünster, which was already extremely successful in its first week of operation, was delivered in just ten weeks. The prerequisite for this efficient implementation was a close and cooperative partnership between Stadtwerke Münster and door2door. Courage to set priorities, ask all the necessary questions and provide direct feedback is also part of our recipe for success."

— Max Webers, Project Lead


The new on-demand bus makes local public transport in Münster more digital, flexible and efficient

On the technical side, attention was paid in advance to ensuring a flawless user experience for future passengers. Arne Nys, Product Manager at door2door, is responsible for this, among other things. In his work on the LOOPmünster project, he was able to convince Stadtwerke Münster of the value of the product:

"I think the collaboration with Münster was pretty straightforward - we were able to convince them of a smoother user experience than they had initially imagined. The conversations with them were on point and respectful."

— Arne Nys, Product Manager

But door2door’s work doesn’t end with the implementation. Our team also came to Münster to accompany the successful launch of LOOPmünster together with Mayor Markus Lewe and Minister of Transport Hendrik Wüst. Katja Diehl, Head of Communications & PR, and Ashkan Tamizkar, Head of Field Operations, look back together on an exciting first day for the new service:

„Working with the project team was very pleasant and professional. Even in critical situations, the communication was always very respectful and goal-oriented. The speed with which the project was set up and implemented is exemplary.“

— Ashkan Tamizkar, Head of Field Operations

LOOPmuenster fahrzeugMax Webers and Ashkan Tamizkar at the LOOPmünster launch

"I was totally thrilled by the response from the residents of Münster-Hiltrup. I was able to spend two days in Münster with the vehicles before the launch. People love the shuttles. I was repeatedly asked what kind of cars they were, when the service would start - and many already downloaded the app while standing in their front yard."

— Katja Diehl, Brand Ambassador

LOOPmünster is on the road during the usual public transport service hours, from 5 a.m. during the week until 2 a.m. the next day, and from Fridays continuously through till Monday morning. The operating area covers around 40 km², where some 55,000 people live. This makes LOOPmünster the largest on-demand project in North Rhine-Westphalia in terms of weekly operating time and also one of the largest in Europe.