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Operating area between Westerland, Tinnum, Keitum, Kampen, Wenningstedt, Braderup and Munkmarsch with more than 1,200 virtual stops


In operation since July 2021

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SyltRIDE – Ridepooling on Germany’s most famous island

First German island with its own on-demand ridepooling: Sylt

Many destinations are putting a big focus on sustainable tourism now – not only because of the Covid pandemic and the recommitment to a healthy environment, especially in the age of climate crisis. Sylt has been committed to this for a very long time. This is proven by the initiatives of the Bye Bye Plastik Sylt movement, the Green Thinkers and the Plastik Crew of the Sylt School Centre, as well as the island’s nature conservation associations, which have been involved in preservation activities for many years. The aim is not making the environment perfect and everyday life flawless, but rather rethinking one’s own routines and adapting them accordingly. Communication and lively exchange can lead to more sustainability. Sylt wants to inspire and show how people can make the time they spend on the island as environmentally-friendly as possible without having to sacrifice comfort and convenience.

SyltRIDE video

Find out how the SyltRIDE service works in this video

Sylt shows itself to be innovative and visionary! The pink vehicles are definitely an eye-catcher while also contributing to the improvement of sustainability and environmental friendliness on Sylt.

Nicolas Häckel

Mayor of Sylt

On the island without a car? No problem!

The island’s website prominently states: “Travelling without a car? You probably couldn’t have made a better decision. Because you can easily get from A to B across the island without your own car. Island life is wonderfully suited to new forms of mobility.” One offer that has made this decision easier than ever since July 2021 is SVG’s new, demand-driven SyltRIDE service on Germany’s most popular island. Based on door2door technology, passengers can now access mobility “on demand” for the first time on a German island. The new service is an important step towards relieving Sylt of private transport and thus making it more sustainable and climate-friendly.

SyltRIDE launch event

Successful start for SyltRIDE | © Maike Huels-Graening

For me, SyltRIDE is an amazing addition to public transport on the island. The app is intuitive to use and the ride is very comfortable. All in all, a very uncomplicated service that enhances your holiday experience even more.


Guest from Hanover

Electric mobility and green electricity guarantee sustainability

Three wheelchair-accessible EQVs from Mercedes-Benz are being used, each with six passenger seats. These can be called upon as needed via the app developed by door2door. Sustainability is important on Sylt, which is why the vans drive with zero local emissions and are powered by green electricity. Passengers get aboard the shuttle at around 1,000 virtual stops scattered throughout the operating area between Westerland, Tinnum, Keitum, Kampen, Wenningstedt, Braderup and Munkmarsch. They complement the existing stops of the public transport system. The app guides passengers to the nearest stop and computes the route to the destination. In the future, the service will be available across the entire island.

SyltRide app splash screen

SyltRIDE app home screen

SyltRIDE booking screen

Booking via the SyltRIDE app

It can get pretty crowded on the island. I think it’s great that with SyltRIDE, there’s now a mobility service that is sustainable and environmentally friendly while offering a high level of comfort.


Guest from Unna

Starting signal for the multimodal mobility platform

“The first step towards the multimodal mobility platform SyltGO! has now been taken with the new on-demand offer!” says a delighted Sven Paulsen, Managing Director of SVG. “We are currently working on completing the SyltGO! app.” Then, as a first step, the ridepooling SyltRIDE and a mobile phone ticket for public transport will be combined in one app. In the future, SyltGO! will be made accessible to other mobility providers and forms. SyltGO! unites the island – by bus, bike, ridepooling or scooter. And thus provides exactly the kind of flexible mobility that a relaxed holiday on the island needs.

January 2021
Kick-off event on Sylt
February 2021
Publication of test application
April 2021
Training on the roads of Sylt
April 2021
Sylt trainers are coached by door2door
July 2021
Release of the final app in the stores
July 2021
Press conference
July 2021
Start of operation
October 2021
Extension of operating hours

All photos © Maike Huels-Graening

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04.08.2021 Im Elektro-Van „on demand“ über die Insel


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