Our software components allow you to oversee your new on-demand bus service reliably and efficiently. You keep a complete overview of the operation at all times, enabling you to run it in the best possible way.



Operations Management, Passenger
and Driver apps

Our products offer your passengers, drivers and dispatchers simple and intuitive user interfaces. We are continually developing our technology further in order to best meet the requirements of your operations.



Multimodality The Multimodal Route Planner calculates the most efficient trip among all transport options, always suggesting the best route to your passengers.
Integrierung Integration into existing public transport service Car- und Bikesharing System-Integration Taxi Inclusion of car and bike sharing
Integratable into existing CRM, ticketing and payment systems Taxi integration
Multimodale Fahrgast-App
Simple, reliable and intuitive booking
Your existing brand identity can be easily integrated into the multimodal passenger app with our whitelabel solution. Direct passenger feedback in the app allows you to respond to customer wishes and constantly optimize your service.
Integration into existing app Vorausbuchung In-App Feedback Multimodal Prebooking by departure or arrival time Direct in-app-feedback Multimodal app for all transport routes
Fahrgast App
Accessibility Mobility is a basic need and enables social participation. To this end, we are constantly working to make our mobility services accessible to all.
Rollstuhl Fahrten Booking wheelchair-accessible rides
Telefonbuchung Sprachausgabe Schriften-Anpassung Telephone booking Voice output
Anpassung von Schrift- und Icon-Größen Barrierefreiheit
Ridepooling API/SDK As an alternative to our Multimodal Passenger app, you can access our modular software kit to create your own app or integrate it into an existing app.
Marken-Anpassung Tailor the app to your brand
Unterstützung We’d be happy to support you



Safely directed through traffic without any distractions

The Driver app reduces any potential distractions through its easy handling, allowing drivers to concentrate fully on traffic and the needs of their passengers. Only a smartphone is required to use the app.

driver app smartphones

Available for

driver app security

Intuitive design for
increased safety

route navigation

route navigation



One-stop management of your new service

Plan, operate and monitor your on-demand bus service in real time, easily and automatically via our specially developed Operations Management system. Passengers are assigned fully automatically to drivers by the algorithm.

efficient bundeling

Optimally efficient grouping of passengers

Automatische Zuordnung

Automatic allocation of driver to passenger

“Our software can be adapted and tailored to the requirements of our customers, e.g. through branding or a tariff structure. As soon as the software needs have been defined, individual components are configured accordingly – giving you a solution that has been customized for your challenge.”


Project Manager, Strategic Mobility


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