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District of Freyung,


Active since June 2017

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Freyfahrt Shuttle: On-demand bus in rural areas

Small town Freyung in Lower Bavaria becomes rural trailblazer

In May 2017, door2door and the city of Freyung began a collaboration to bring an on-demand bus service to the region, with support from then German Federal Minister of Transport, Alexander Dobrint. The high level of political presence underlines the importance of improving mobility in rural areas. The county seat of Freyung in the district of Lower Bavaria, located in the Bavarian Forest near the Czech and Austrian borders, is proving to be a true mobility pioneer, raising the bar for rural areas by testing innovative mobility concepts.

Facing challenges in rural areas

In times of demographic change and continued urbanization, it is crucial to connect rural areas to larger population centres. Better access to other cities in the area increases the attractiveness of rural living and has thus proven to be effective in countering rural flight. The aim is to provide reliable and sustainable mobility solutions that meet the demands of both older and younger generations.


door2door co-founder Maxim Nohroudi with then Federal Minister of Transport Alexander Dobrindt and Mayor of Freyung Dr. Olaf Heinrich