A close, trust-based cooperation with our customers is important to us

As a medium-sized service and software provider, we stand for personal cooperation as equal partners – your interests guide our actions.

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Collaborative partnership

Create green mobility with us!

New forms of mobility have the potential to change our mobility behaviour in such a way that we can largely do without personal cars. We support you in your efforts to make your mobility offer flexible, efficient and future-oriented. Join us in shaping a holistic and sustainable system of on-demand services as well as electric and autonomous vehicles. This can make an effective contribution to climate and environmental protection over the long term.

  • Transport operators

  • Public transport organizations

  • Corporate mobility

  • Cities and municipalities

  • Mid-sized bus companies

  • Taxi industry

Loop Münster video
Stadtwerke Münster (SWM)

The LOOP in Münster

“This offering closes the mobility gap that we encounter everywhere. Our Loop is an intelligent combination of bus, train, bicycle and even electric scooters.”

Frank Gäfgen

Managing Director, Mobility, Stadtwerke Münster

When our customers are satisfied, so are we

What’s important to you when it comes to your mobility offering and your cooperation with us? Maximum flexibility? Quick implementation? Our goal is to meet and even exceed your expectations. It’s nice to know that the people we work for repeatedly confirm that we are successful in doing this.

Ingo Wortmann, MVG

The IsarTiger in Munich

“When it comes to on-demand bus solutions, the passenger comes first. This means that mobility can be personally tailored, instead of having to orient oneself on fixed routes and timetables.”

Ingo Wortmann

CEO of Munich Transport (MVG) & President of the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV)

MVG logo
Birgit Adler, DVG

The myBUS in Duisburg

“Being able to launch the service together so quickly was only possible through great teamwork.”

Birgit Adler

Project and Division Manager, Duisburger Verkehrsgesellschaft (DVG)

DVG logo
Dr. Olaf Heinrich, City of Freyung

The freYfahrt in Freyung

“We’re proud to bring you to your immunization appointment conveniently and safely with our on-demand freYfahrt service.”

Dr. Olaf Heinrich

Mayor of Freyung

City of Freyung logo


We’re making green mobility a reality across Europe and beyond

Since 2012, we have been working with mobility providers throughout Europe on a wide range of projects. In doing so, our approach is always partnership-based, and we actively bring in local expertise. In this way, we can jointly create a sensible and sustainable addition to the local offer that covers all mobility needs.

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Success stories

From rural areas to smart cities, learn all about our customer projects

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Our partners

Together with our partners, we make your green mobility project a success

We bring core competencies together to always deliver the best result. Alongside our partners, we develop innovative technologies and enable worldwide support.

Partner: Deutsche Telekom
Deutsche Telekom

Together with Deutsche Telekom IoT and cities and regions, we develop sustainable and future-oriented solutions in the area of smart cities that bring mobility and supply together.

Partner: Omobi

Omobi stands for modern, intelligent mobility solutions in Upper Bavaria. Our common goal is to improve public transport in rural areas and thus attract new passenger groups.

Partner: World Economic Forum
World Economic Forum

door2door is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and a committed member of the Platform for Shaping the Future of Mobility.

Partner: Indimo
Indimo logo

The EU-funded INDIMO project aims to improve the inclusion and accessibility of digital mobility services. door2door is working on the Berlin pilot project, which focuses on female caregivers living in peri-urban areas of Berlin.

Partner: Mobilissimus

The partnership with Mobilissimus, a Hungarian mobility planning and consulting company, brings on-demand ridepooling with door2door’s technology and services to Central and Eastern Europe.

Partner: RT2 Consultoria
RT2 Consultoria

Our partner in Rio de Janeiro specializes in urban mobility and public transport. Together, we bring innovative mobility services to Brazil as a complement to public transport and for businesses.

Partner: Mobility Institute Berlin
Mobility Institute Berlin logo

mib Mobility is a research and consulting company for cities and regions in the field of mobility. Together we develop on-demand services that take existing transports into account and can thus be perfectly integrated in the local environment.

Partner: Fluidtime

Fluidtime develops apps for searching, booking and paying for transport. Together we offer companies, public authorities and municipalities a comprehensive Mobility-as-a-Service solution.

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