Planning, running and optimizing your new mobility service

With our proven technology and services for on-demand mobility, we ensure that everyone who wants to create new mobility offers receives the optimal support. Our portfolio offers solutions for every phase, from planning to running to optimizing, for classic as well as autonomous mobility.

shared trips with at least two people
square kilometre operating area in 8 federal states
average app rating
successful deployments in Germany and abroad

Your new on-demand mobility service in three phases

Plan, run and optimize: In a process of collaboration, we determine all the key parameters for your new on-demand mobility service. In doing so, we take your individual challenges into account, equip you with all the necessary technological components and support you in the ongoing optimization of your new service.

Product overview


We analyze, plan and advise you on your new offer. With the help of data and software, you can ensure the best possible and most efficient operation far in advance.

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We offer you all the necessary software components for a smooth operation of your new mobility service. Everyone involved receives the apps and background systems adapted to their local requirements.

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We support you over the long term to continually optimize your new service. Together, we can address new target groups and develop additional operating areas.

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“We provide you with a digital infrastructure which, as a mobility platform, can efficiently guide transportation. In this way, we enable you to close the gap between private cars and the existing offer through intelligent, on-demand transport.”

Dr. Tom Kirschbaum

Co-CEO and Founder

Green mobility is now a reality

Our mobility solutions enable you to meet a wide range of different needs and use cases. In this way, you can create a digital, on-demand service that enables green mobility for all.

Reference project Sylt

Reference project

Learn how the island of Sylt enhanced their public transport offering with a ridepooling service!

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