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allygator shuttle
January – April 2018

Press kit

From roadside assistance to mobility provider: ADAC x door2door

ADAC – a giant in flux

Allgemeine Deutsche Automobil-Club e.V. (ADAC) is Europe’s largest mobility club with over 20 million members. Since its inception, ADAC has been able to successfully pick up on trends and has grown accordingly. With its tagline “We are here!”, ADAC is widely recognised as the go-to roadside assistance service. In the long run, ADAC aims to transform from a respected roadside helper into a modern mobility provider.

allygator shuttle x ADAC: on-demand mobility for the capital

In February 2018 door2door, in partnership with ADAC, expanded operations of the on-demand bus service allygator shuttle to cover the entire Berlin S-Bahn ring. The service runs on door2door’s mobility platform and offers the capital’s inhabitants a smart, safe and sustainable addition to existing mobility offerings.

Staying relevant for the mobility needs of tomorrow

ADAC operates in a constantly changing environment as mobility patterns become more dynamic and complex. The evolution of mobility poses a number of challenges to ADAC:

  • Continued urbanization is accompanied by a decline in the number of private cars.
  • Digitisation enables smart connectivity and the implementation of new, technology-based mobility concepts.
  • Growing environmental awareness calls for multimodality and sustainable solutions.

ADAC wants to take an active role in shaping this evolution, while continuing to support its members in the future. Against this background of technological and social change, ADAC is increasingly testing innovative concepts. In partnering with door2door, ADAC sees an opportunity to ensure individual mobility for its future members and to provide a smart, flexible and sustainable mobility solution.

allygator Shuttle: flexible on-demand mobility in cooperation with ADAC

With allygator shuttle we want to test the response to on-demand buses to be able to offer attractive services for our members in the future.


Managing Director, ADAC