Closing the mobility gap

There are gaps in the public transport network. The larger the gap, the more people rely on cars as their transport mode of choice. Our solutions enable the mobility gap to be closed quickly and efficiently.

Mobility gap

door2door is the leading innovation partner for the next public transport

There are gaps in every public transport network: At the outskirts of cities and in rural areas, in the evenings and on weekends. We identify these gaps, expand the network with a modern on-demand bus concept and integrate all existing offers into a smartphone app for citizens. This is the fastest way to wider public transport coverage. And the citizens are enthusiastic.

No bus station, a sparse timetable, special locations – every municipality has gaps in the network. Until now, citizens have used their cars to fill them. Our alternative: A public transport service with all the comfort of the car, in which the passenger can choose the pick-up and drop-off points. We combine all existing offers into the next public transport system. Efficient. Flexible. Digital.

The new on-demand bus

With door2door, local authorities can expand public transport with a modern on-demand bus concept and close the existing gaps in the network. Efficiently, economically and quickly.

The mobility gap

Closing mobility gaps

The new on-demand bus arrives where there is no public bus and a taxi is too expensive. door2door’s innovative software integrates passengers’ starting points and destinations into an optimal route. This saves time and money. For both citizens and the public transport operator.

The mobility gap

Next public transport – good for the municipality

The new on-demand bus expands the municipal mobility offering. With flexible times, individual routes and integration within the existing network of buses, trains, bikes and scooters. This removes the municipality’s dependency on private providers who compete with local public transport.

The mobility gap

Economical and sustainable

The new on-demand bus concept is economically and ecologically advantageous: for peripheral locations, in rural areas and on routes to highly frequented places such as airports, company premises and recreational facilities.

Mobility solutions

Feeder service

Feeder service

New on-demand buses offer outstanding potential in the first and last mile to transport hubs – as an intermodal alternative to a private car!


Commuter transport

The route to work is ideal for pooling similar journeys and ensuring efficient service through a new on-demand bus – a real alternative to the private car.

suburban and rural areas

Suburban and rural areas

Replace inefficient bus lines in sparsely populated areas with a new on-demand bus. This offers great benefits for passengers and efficiency gains for you.


Evening and night transport

Replace underutilized and therefore expensive services in the evening, at night or at other off-peak times with a flexible, efficient on-demand bus.


Digitalization of DRT services

Existing demand-responsive transport (DRT) services can be made more flexible and efficient with digital offers such as the new on-demand bus.


Campus shuttle

Take advantage of the flexibility and efficiency of the new on-demand bus for mobility needs on corporate campuses.


Event transport

Use the new on-demand bus to bring attendees safely and conveniently to event venues.


Taxi pooling

Pooling rides offers real potential to taxi occupancy rates – exciting for taxi companies and transport companies working as partners.


On-demand public transport

Students and commuters in the morning, event-goers in the evening: Use all the possibilities of your new on-demand transport to address a wide range of new target groups.

Reference projects

Since 2012, we have been working with mobility providers throughout Europe on a wide range of projects. In doing so, our approach is always partnership-based, and we actively bring in the local expertise of companies and municipalities.

Media coverage

“A bus where none drove before”

Süddeutsche Zeitung

“Much cheaper than taxi, more flexible than a train”


“A fast way to reduce air pollution”


“Turning the tide with a digital on-demand bus”

Münchener Merkur

“With digitalization we can close many gaps in the public transport network. Through better networking of offers and new on-demand services. Ordering a bus by phone is citizen-friendly, innovative and makes our local transport even better. I am pleased that this is possible with a development born in Germany and hope that many more cities and municipalities will decide to digitally supplement their mobility services in this way.”

Andreas Scheuer

Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

Andreas Scheuer, German Federal Minister of Transport and digital Infrastructure

Facing a different challenge?

As a market leader Made in Germany, we have longstanding experience in working as partners with local authorities, municipal representatives and regional transport operators. Feel free to arrange a personal talk with our team for competent advice on how to solve your mobility challenge using state-of-the-art technology.